Bronze Axe

Bronze Age axe found by Mutrescu Ioan, near Bistrita in february 2022. The axe has been donated to Complexul Muzeal Bistrita-Nasaud.Read More →

Two bronze vessels, 3000 B.C.

Two bronze vessels, 3000 B.C. found by Mihalca Ovidiu on 05.12.2020 near the locality Sângeorzu Nou (Sächsisch-Sankt-Georgen, Szászszentgyörgy). They were handed over to the museum and a monetary reward was demanded.Read More →

Scythian satchel ornament.found near Bistritz by Georgiu Daniel. The end of the first Iron Age, and on the basis of ornament and typology it may be more accurate in the second half of the second century – the first half of the century. VI b.Chr. Next to this ornament wasRead More →

Jesuit ring

Jesuit ring near Bistritz. Found by Jauca, donated to local Museum. Probably produced and traded by the French between AD 1624 and 1700 “IHS” is an abbreviation for “Jesus” in Greek.Read More →