A beautiful bronze deposit discovered yesterday in Bistrita-Nasaud county

A beautiful bronze deposit was discovered yesterday (06.09.2022) 16 km from Bistriță, by Mirel Timariu, passionate about metal detection, from Sieu. According to the first estimates, the deposit would be part of the Early Bronze Age period. The final result will be given to you by the museum specialists. Mirel Timariu: “It’s my first and most important discovery, to hold 3000-year-old objects in my hands… there are indescribable emotions!” “As deep as 60-70 cm, there were five axes, from what I remember, three bracelets and two sword fragments”. A representative of the museum was called, and the final result was: “In it are found 18 individual pieces, ornaments, some, fragmentary weapons, scraps and ceramics, all specific to the end of the era. Near it, a spearhead was also identified from the same period.” All discovered objects will be donated to the Bistrita-Năsăud Museum Complex.

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