The fortune of a Dacian fighter discovered near Bistrita by a detection enthusiast

 The fortune of a Dacian fighter was discovered near Bistrita, consisting of 20 Roman coins and an iron Dacian ax. The treasure was brought to light by Abrudan Dan Ioan, an authorized metal detection enthusiast. He reports that he first found the ax, with the coins under it.

On one of the coins is also the face of Trajan Emperor Caesar Divi Nervae filius Nerva Trajanus Optimus Augustus Germanicus Dacicus Parthicus (as emperor): “RIC 12 Trajan Denarius. 103-111 AD. IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC PM TRP, laureate bust right , draped left shoulder / COȘ V PP SPQR OPTIMO PRINC, Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus and leaning on column. RSC 81b. ”, on the other coins are also found other emperors: Antonius Pius, Faustina II, Hadrian.

This monetary hoard, as well as the two axes were handed over, according to the law, being a significant contribution to the enrichment of local and national history.

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