1 Garas – Gábor Bethlen 1613-1629 Crowned arms of Hungary in and ornate shield that divide the mint mark, small shield with the Iktári Bethlen arms at center (2 geese facing each other), all within a beaded circle. A small heard shaped shield and a design divide the legend atRead More →

Friedrich II, King of Prussia 1744-AE Poltura silver coin find by Georgiu Daniel in Siebenburgen – Bistritz ( Bistrita) Donated to local museum. Silver coin Poltura 1744-AE Billon Poltura 18mm. 1.2g. Laureate and armored bust right. Imperial Eagle above denomination and date. Olding 329A; Von Schroetter 1640; KM 903 VeryRead More →

Little button Esx Devs Spes Nostra – GOD IS OUR HOPE century 18 found near Bistritz ( Bistrita) Siebenburgen Romania. Hessians Hessians /ˈhɛʃən/[1] were the 18th century German auxiliaries contracted for military service by the British government, which found it easier to borrow money to pay for their service thanRead More →

Scythian satchel ornament.found near Bistritz by Georgiu Daniel. The end of the first Iron Age, and on the basis of ornament and typology it may be more accurate in the second half of the second century – the first half of the century. VI b.Chr. Next to this ornament wasRead More →

Prâsnelele cross - ornaments of the romanian folk costume

Prâsnelele cross – ornaments of the romanian folk costume Prâsnelele cross – ornaments of the folk costume manly Călimani area, are made of bronze technique is casting, dates from XVIII – XIX. Old forms of these ornaments are related attire rather than formal or ceremonial fashion, with magic and ritualRead More →